The Best PR Firm: The Vatican

What better way for your book to get attention than to get denounced by the Vatican? From the Washington Post’s “Under God” blog:

Twenty-four hours ago news broke that the Vatican had condemned the book “Just Love:A Framework for Christian Sexual Ethics,” a publication by a prominent nun-theologian that disagrees with church teaching on same-sex marriage, masturbation and remarrying after divorce. Monday morning, the book’s reported ranking on Amazon: 142,982

Tuesday afternoon, after a day of furious news coverage of the Vatican censure: It’s at #16.

I suppose this could probably be expected. One is reminded how Ann’s picketing of “Les Cousins Dangereux” in Arrested Development just led to more interest in the film. Of course, for the Vatican, denouncing this book for its theology was probably morally important in and of itself. One wonders if this was part of their calculation, though.

Nevertheless, I think this shows there is quite the audience out there for modern, accessible looks at the Bible and the Bible’s theology. We only hope we are providing that at this site.

Update (6-9-12): Apparently the Franciscan leadership has stated that the Vatican’s actions in this matter went too far. Andrew Sullivan has the letter and some commentary at the Daily Dish.

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