Okay, okay, BuzzFeed occasionally does something worthwhile

I’ve grown a bit tired of all the listicles floating around on Facebook these days, but it would seem that BuzzFeed put one together that’s too relevant for Holey Books to ignore. The list is called The 16 Most Bizarre Moments In The Bible. If you’ve been a regular reader you’ll noticed we’ve pick up a number of these and will likely comment on the ones that appear later in the Bible than we’ve currently reached (Judges). Sadly, I think we missed the whole God shows his butt to Moses.

Here’s what we’ve covered so far from the list:

3. “When God used his magic to dislocate Jacob’s hip in an all night wrestling match.”

4. “When God slew Onan for practicing the pull-out method.”

5. “When Adam lived to the age of 930.”

7. “When God laid the smack down on Egypt with not just one, but TEN horrible plagues.”

8. “When Balaam’s donkey inexplicably started talking and explained why animal cruelty is wrong.”

9. “When God ordered Abraham to kill his son just to prove that he loved Him.”

12. “When God became so disgusted with mankind that He flooded the Earth and started everything over again.”

We didn’t hit them all, so be sure to check out the rest of the list.

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