Holes in the Ark (Gen. 6-9)

Although history shows that the global flood is mere myth, there are other holes in the story of Noah’s Ark worth mentioning. Just as in both creation accounts, the holes in the story of Noah’s Ark come from that author’s primitive understanding of the world.

The incredible diversity of life on earth could not possibly fit, let alone survive, on the ark described in Genesis for any prolonged period of time. Also, it’s a bit far-fetched to believe that life was uniformly distributed throughout the world. Fossil records show us (among other things) otherwise. Assuming life on earth was distributed in a meaningful way, how easy is it to believe that even the creepiest of critters that have no means to swim, fly, or survive extreme temperatures could make it to the ark? And if God is able to get them to the safety of the ark through supernatural means, why does he need to get them there at all?

Perhaps the oddest part of the story is that nothing is mentioned in these chapters about the severe diarrhea Noah and his family must have experienced as selfless hosts to countless human parasites and disease. Or maybe it’s not, since the germ theory of disease isn’t identified for another four thousand years (in 1844 by Agostino Bassi).

There are many more nuanced arguments that could be made, but with the obvious problems outlined above, and our current understanding of the world, it’s clear that simple reason and logic sink Noah’s ark all on their own.

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