Holey Books is an attempt to examine the holy books of the major religions — starting with the Bible — and read them without predilections. What do these books really say? How do they back up what they suggest? And what is valid or invalid about them? We attempt to answer these questions progressively over the duration of the project using science, history, linguistics, and, most importantly, reason.

We attempt, with our posts, to distill a selected portion of the text and provide a solid context for thorough examination. Admittedly, we have started the project because we believe, through the course of our life’s examination, that many of these books have gaping holes — and thus this blog aims to expose them. We also post (occasionally) on Bible-related events and how scripture is being used in politics and popular culture.

We’re neither scholars nor professional debaters, but we are intellectually honest and careful readers. Fortunately, in the age of information, that’s all it really takes.




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