Biblical Standards For Marriage

From Professor Esther J. Hammori, blogging at The Huffington Post:

Opponents of marriage equality often appeal to the Bible to support their views. So what is this “biblical standard for marriage” we keep hearing about? Marriage in the Bible is not restricted to one man and one woman, or in fact to any one model.

The article is somewhat difficult to read (at least, for me, at this hour), but there are some great observations in there. I still prefer Ryan’s much more readable treatments of the topic of marriage, though. Of course, I’m biased. The HuffPo piece covers a bunch of books and texts that we have not yet reached on our blogging through the Bible, but is interesting nonetheless. Hammori concludes: “The biblical models for marriage include a range of relationships and combinations, and these evolve with the culture.” This sounds pretty similar to what we have found out so far.

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