Texas Schools Subverting Unbiased Biblical Education

From The Washington Post, a guest column by Charles C. Haynes examines how Texas schools may be subverting what is supposed to be unbiased comparative religious education:

Conducted by religious studies professor Mark Chancey of Southern Methodist University, the study examines elective Bible courses offered in 57 Texas school districts and 3 charter schools and concludes that “evidence of sectarian bias, predominantly favoring perspectives of conservative Protestantism, is widespread.” (The full report is available at www.tfn.org/biblecourses.)

In other words, school officials in many parts of Texas convert public schools into Sunday schools in violation of the First Amendment’s ban on government establishment of religion.

Not all of the schools, though, are guilty—according to the report, at least 11 are providing “objective study of biblical literature.” At Holey Books, we of course believe it’s important to actually study all of the Bible—and, importantly, without any sort of sectarian agenda.

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