Living a Year Biblically

A previous post on this site criticized a post by Rachel Held Evans, who didn’t apply much rigor to her thinking about the variance of Biblical interpretations. Interestingly enough, perhaps she was too busy following many pointless details—Evans decided to “live a year Biblically”—to put much into context.

She covered her head when praying, kept silent in church, took up baking and knitting, and even sat on her roof as penance when she got cranky.

As much of an “interesting” story as this is, it is also—on its face—absurd, even if she was taking a satirical approach. (It shouldn’t require a year of this to prove the pointlessness of doing so.)Instead of “living” the Bible, we at Holey Books have been carefully “reading” it for more than a year now. We might be biased, but we definitely recommend the latter.

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