God is not good.

I have a tendency to sign my email address away without much thought (it rarely pays off) and as a result I am frequently clicking “unsubscribe”. Earlier this week I received a piece of junk mail that caught my eye from the Chicago Tribune (not sure why I get this one having not lived in Chicago since before I had an email address). The subject included the title “Disavowing God” and linked to a list of “Ten god crushing videos” from one of their affiliated blogs An Agnostic in Wheaton.

If you’ve been around the blogosphere a while, many of these will be familiar. I especially chuckled at the Star Trek video since I recently watched it not too long ago (I may not have cable, but I do have Netflix). The clip from God on Trial (number 2 on the list) was completely new to me.  The video does a nice job of setting it up, so I’ll leave you to it.

Any of that sound familiar?

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